Hygienic Flooring Systems

PU Resin Floor systems

The correct choice of floor surface in the industrial sector is the key to minimising down-time and lost production. Materials must perform and offer value for money, therefore correct specification is vital.

Resin flooring systems and products come in a wide range of different types, with many different application and performance characteristics. Resin floors can be suitable for use in all types of industries; to provide new or upgraded floor finishes in factory production facilities (for wet and dry process areas), for hygienic production areas and clean rooms, logistics and distribution centres or warehouses, showrooms and other retail areas. Ultimately resin flooring has almost unlimited uses and provides a very efficient and cost effective solution for the floor finishes of almost every type of building and structure, and are primarily used to seal, strengthen, protect and enhance the appearance and properties of the floor.

When a high performance resin floor is required and a durable, long-lasting floor finish is to be achieved, then it is important to select the right resin flooring system and its build-up with the component resin flooring products. This must be done carefully and with expert advice. The best resin flooring systems today are primarily based on 3 different types of 2 part (also called 2 part-component) synthetic resins: These are: 2-part epoxy resin flooring systems, 2-part polyurethane resin flooring systems (also called PU resin flooring), and 2-part acrylic resin flooring systems (also called MMA resin flooring). In general terms, these are all fast curing (hardening), tough and abrasion resistant, producing hard wearing resin floor finishes that are also chemically resistant and easy to clean. However as stated above there are great differences between the different types of resin flooring materials and different resin floor product formulations on the market.

Vinyl Floor Covering

PUR vinyl floor coverings come in standard 2-3mm thickness, and a wide variety of colours and styles to provide a continuous, impervious hygienic floor solution, which can be easily cleaned and maintained. Vinyl floor systems are ideal for the use in areas where hygiene is paramount, and containment of spillages is necessary, and have excellent slip, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Areas of Use