Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Specialist suppliers and installers of hygienic walls, floor and ceilings to the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical services.

The fight against bacteria is becoming ever more important in the healthcare sector. Hospital acquired infections are on the rise, and are leading to slower recovery times, readmissions and even fatalities. The cost to the health service is immense. It is for this reason that both visitors and clinical staff are encouraged to put hygiene first at all times. Good hygiene within the healthcare industry isn’t simply about washing hands and sterilising equipment, however, it’s also reliant upon the walls and ceilings of the rooms themselves.

Recent studies have shown definite links between poor environmental conditions and the proliferation of micro-organisms that cause these potentially deadly infections. We specialise in providing hygienic wall, ceiling and flooring systems to hospitals, clinics,labratories and other healthcare businesses. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to you, and we always find a solution that’s both comprehensive and cost-effective