Applications - Education & Leisure

Specialist suppliers and installers of hygienic walls, floor and ceilings to the educational and leisure services

Studies show that a bright, clean, modern environment helps improve the concentration of pupils, and makes them more motivated and ready to learn. Classroom refurbishment isn’t just about new desks, and replacing IT equipment, it should be about refreshing the walls as well. If your walls have been in place for decades, then the room will still look tired, however much you change the interior. The walls and ceiling are the first thing that visitors will notice when they walk in your rooms, that’s why it’s essential that they look as fresh as everything contained within them.

You don’t have to knock down your walls, or construct new ones. We have a better, more convenient solution. We’re the experts in supplying and installing ceiling and wall cladding for schools, colleges, universities and leisure facilities. Our hygienic wall cladding can be installed over your existing substrate, meaning that you won’t have to close for an extended period to have it fitted. Thus along with our hygienic floor coverings make for a clean bright Hygienic environment.